Setting up WPILib, VSC, and the simulator

I’ve chosen C++ to program our robot in. I’ve tried to set up the development environment multiple times, but the “getting started” and one other example programs wouldn’t compile properly. I did get one to look like it compiled, but trying to run it in Visual Studio Code as a desktop simulation sends the “An unknown error has occurred” error popup, despite setting the desktop support option to true. I installed the game tools and WPILib using the guide at at least three times. What can I do to narrow down the problem?

When you created the project, did you click the checkbox to Enable Desktop Support? This must be enabled in order for sim to work. You can run the WPILib: Change Desktop Support Enabled Setting command in vscode to enable this in an already created project.

yeah forgot to mention I did

One important thing for C++ desktop support is that you need to have Visual Studio 2019 version 16.4 installed. Older versions do not work.

I think installing vs fixed it, thanks for helping

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