Setting up your new Classmate for Java technology

Have a look at the tutorial we wrote:

This tutorial detials the setup required to download code to the cRio, Hopefully this will help cut down on the time of initial startup.

If you already have Netbeans Configured and the cRio imaged we have a tutorial on how to download code to your Crio.

We have posted the Java Code that runs our last year’s robot, nothing too sophisticated but its a start.


This is really cool stuff.

I would like to make one request however, can you make sure to include in the tutorial to update to the latest software first? The code on the Classmate is pretty old and has gone through a lot of stability enhancements.

Plus the fact that the modules on there will crash the cRIO if the cRIO is updated with the latest image.

On the netbeans tutorial, you might be happy to know that you dont need to compile to find syntax errors, they will be identified for you as you edit the code. This is one really cool advantage of an IDE, that the tool is smart enough to know what language you are working with and provides help as you go along. So if you see no red marks, then you should be able to deploy and run your code by using the Play button.