Setting Up...

When you get to regionals what do you do after you uncrate the robot the first day (individual teams, captains, spirit teams, drive teams, etc.)? It seems like a simple question but I thought I’d ask CD members for their teams first day set ups.

Make sure the robot is working, plug in battery chargers, set up any pit items, fix the robot if it’s broken/not working, make improvements if it is, start scouting other teams, check the practice schedule to see when we’re up, start inspection, brace for questions from other teams, and avoid the crates that are still being moved away.

Not necessarily in that order, but you get the picture.

Usually our team just has the core mechanical crew, a scouting person, and a couple people from the animation crew come with for the first “practice” day events. The rest of the team shows up either that night at the hotel, or the next morning, depending on the distance. Mechanical comes for uncrating, upgrades, and driving. Scouting comes to see what the competition is like, who to look out for and whatnot. Animation kids come with to help judge the animations on thursday. Animation is a point of pride in our program, so we make sure to support it any way we can.

Alec Hill

Our entire team attends practice day usually there are two students along with one engineer/mentor that goes in early to uncrate the robot on practice day we do not uncrate the night before once everyone is allowed in the rest of the “pit crew” (about 8 people not including engineers) is in the pits working on the robot doing repairs and making touch ups to the robot you know basically getting ready for our practice rounds the human player (in the past) takes time out to do some last minute practicing the rest of the team is doing pit scouting (going around the pits asking questions to teams) and the lead scout (the student that’s in charge of importing the data into the computer and making sure all data is recorded) is training the new students how to effectively scout they then scout practice day just like the other days of competition also on practice day we make sure we are inspected and ready to go bright and early Friday morning :slight_smile: