Several questions...

I wish to know how to create several autonomous versions. I know in VEX I could add and remove a jumper from the micro and it would execute different tasks. I wish to know if there is a simple way to do this in FIRST.
Maybe using a limit switch?

Also, I was asked to code a special drive system. It’s a semi-swerve drive. Wheels can only turn 180 degrees. They are all connected by the same chain so there is no need for encoders. But I wish to know if I had to program each motor independently or if there a way to do this easily.
It has a motor for each wheel (4). And there are 4 motors controlling the chain which make the wheels turn. I coded the limit switches but I wish to know how I can implement the code correctly. Since the robot wasn’t wired, I don’t know if the code I left them will work correctly. I couldn’t test and debug and I won’t be able to do so until Saturday when I meet them again.