Several questions

I have several questions I hope you could answer.

  1. How do i make my camera go slower?
  2. How do I turn my scene into a quicktime file? ( I use Animation --> Make preview to do that but i dont think that that’s the right way… )
  3. Where can I find models for download?

Ok, another question just popped up:
What is the “paperwork” that im suppose to hand in on febuary 6th?

  1. what do you mean by “go slower”?

  2. To export as quicktime you need to render your animation. Go into the “Render” dialogue (F10 will bring it up) choose your setting and scroll down to where it says “Render Output”. Click the “Files…” button to save your render (choose .mov) and then choose the video codec (DV/DVPRO-NTSC). Hit OK, then hit the “Render” button at the bottom of the render dialogue box and you’re done! WARNING: Rendering can take a LONG time, depending on the complexity of your scene and how fast your computer is.

  3. there are many models available for purchase/download from, and a few of them are free. Googling for “3ds <whatever object you want>” will sometimes get good results. However, FIRST animators generally model their own.

  4. The paperwork is found in the Awards section of the 2006 manual, under “Autodesk Visualization Award”

Ok thanks, you helped alot.
When saying “go slower” I meant this: my whole scene is in a camera view, but the camera is flying too fast so the scene is not understandable. I just wanted to make the camera fly in 1/4 of the speed it flys now.
So, how do I do that?

Besides, I have another question still not answere (sorrrry for bugging with that question but it’s VERY important):
I need to move a model built in pro desktop 8.0, a complicated one which was built from a lot of models attached. I wanna make an animation out of it.
So, can i do it? and if i can, how?
3dsmax didn’t get from some reason .STL and with .IGS export from pro desktop I could only move uncomplicated models.

Are you trying to make your entire animation within the default 100 frames? 30 seconds of animation will take up 900 frames, so that may help your camera go slower, set the number of frrames to a higher value and expand the camera’s keyframes over the entire thing.
if you are already rendered, you can try to slow down the entire thing in a 3rd-party film editing program, but that may end up just looking like it’s in slow-mo.

Ok thanks, now I have another question:

I finished my scene and the last frame makes the camera go back to the starting point of the scene.
How do I make it stay on the camera’s end of track and not go back to the starting point?

how do you mean it goes back to the end?
is this when it is rendered and you are watching it in a media player, or is this when you are in the viewport mode?

in viewports, it loops the animation around until you tell it to stop. that is normal.
the last frame is barely visible in the final render, its not too bad.

It happens in the viewport.

OK, its not clear what exactly is happening, but I’m going to take a guess and say you have the camera constrained, probably a path constraint. If so, I had the same problem a while back. The problem is that 3ds max interprets the 100% along the path the same as 0% so it puts the end point at the same place as the beginning. This only works if the path is a loop. Try changing the value to 99% (possibly making the path a little longer to compensate). That should solve your problem