Severe Weather Precautions in STL


There may be severe weather in STL. Pay attention, take all precautions, and pay attention to the safety procedures where you are.

We’ve just experienced some very serious hail in Maryland Heights and are watching the weather. Be vigilant. Storms are headed towards downtown.


Yes, stay safe, and I mean by much more than safety glasses. about 1" hail has been seen and there was a tornado warning. Does anyone local know somewhere online to get a current weather radar? I can only find one from about 5:30…

~Abby “RoboDawG” Wilson~

The National Weather Service is keeping a close eye on any weather developments. There was a Tornado Warning earlier, but was canceled shortly afterwards as the storm moved out of the area. The St. Louis area is still under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 7pm, and Tornado Watch until 10pm tonight, unless canceled early or extended longer.

Check here for the latest bulletins for the area:

There’s a live radar with severe weather overlays here. Click a point on the map to view current severe weather statements:

Thank you for visiting St. Louis and we hope you have enjoyed our ever changing weather.

The huge hailstorm started to fall on the roof right as the first finals match began… I think it created a pretty cool atmosphere. Too bad all the energy was already gone from the proceedings…

It took a few seconds for me to realize what was happening. And, yeah, about the energy loss - even playing Sandstorm couldn’t bring it back. :smiley:

BTW - thunder in downtown St. Louis as I type.

I really hope everyone stays safe. I know I have quite a few close friends over there, and I know everyone on 1071 was thinking about everyone’s safety when we heard the news.

Be safe everyone, both tonight and in your travels back home.

Really thundering now at 9PM makes me wonder whether they did the first night stuff at the arch.

The weather was lethal:


That was the first storm and we were all just finding out about that one when the 2nd one hit.

Where I was there was no warning and all of a sudden, baseball-sized hail. My family has 2 damaged cars and a damaged house. And they are not alone in their community. All of the neighbors came out to check on each other. It looked like it had snowed yards full of baseball snow. Bizarre.


Myself and other alumni, who were fed up with what was going on on Einstein, found out about the weather and were forced to stay by event security. Also there were some discrete signs on the video banners on parts of the arena about the weather. You were not allowed on the concourse.

I was at the nearby T.G.I. Fridays when it hit. First I heard the tornado sirens going off and then it started to hail. A horse and carriage was caught in it. I hope the horse and driver are OK.
I saw Quarter size hail.
My car looks like someone took a ball peen hammer to it :ahh:

I was in the pits when the hail began, I thought the roof was coming down!

Yah, people where more thrilled over paper aircraft than the robot throw down XD But to be fair FIRST was, as a whole, dead tired.

I didn’t like the communication at the finale. There was a tornado less than 30 minutes away and we were all left clueless besides the, “severe weather: please stay in edward jones dome.” Maybe it’s just me…

We were on the ending edge of the tornado warning, they removed people from the upper-deck from what I heard. Saying tornado warning in a stadium like that would be like the same as yelling fire, mass panic would have happened. Security was having a tough time as it was keeping people away from the windows.

The pits began to flood. I felt so bad for the team close to the door, I hope all your guy’s stuff was okay, 68’s pits were just a foot away from the water.

This happened to teams at the Pittsburgh regional when there was the shooting. Teams were just told to stay inside and no one was really told why. I imagine it was to keep panic to a minimum.

I liked when the announcer mentioned basketballs hailing down on the Einstein while the dome was being hailed on.

I went from being terrified to “ahaha thats funny” and then back to being terrified.

Except the actual message didn’t have any punctuation. This let me choose to read the message as “Will the severe weather please remain within the Edward Jones Dome.” :slight_smile:

Ironically the back of Team 3999’s shirts say: “A storm is coming.” When I heard about the tornado and hail, I thought my shirt had a prophecy inscribed on it. :cool: