SEVEREscout - 5962 Interactive Scouting App

Team 5962 is building an intuitive scouting web app for match and pit scouting. After signing in with your google account and associating it with your FRC team, you will be able to create comprehensive scouting reports, view scouting data, generate alliance member suggestions, and share your reports with other teams. All you’ll need is a device that can connect to the internet to start scouting.

If you are interested in scouting with us, feel free to reach out. Message me on private message.

We will be competing in NE District Week 3 @ North Shore and Week 5 @Southern NH

Feature List:

  • Comprehensive Match Scouting
  • Comprehensive Pit Scouting
  • Team Profiles
  • Bookmark Teams of Interest
  • Sorting Team by Stats
  • Alliance Member Suggestions

Does this need internet connection at all times to scout?

Not from OP’s team, but if it is a cloud based solution (as the word web-app seems to suggest), then yes, it would require an internet connection constantly.

Just to upload data onto the server

Can i bulk scout multiple matches and then send the data?

Yes there will be a save data option for when’re u want to sync it with the server

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