SF and RM

Hi everybody.

I bought CMUCam2 and I want to ask you two questions.

Firtst, when I am sending the ‘SF’ command, is there a way to see the form of F-packets and make the non-visible ASCII characters visible?

Second, what means raw bytes packets? I can’t understand the meaning from the manual. Can you give me an example of raw modes?

I would appreciate any help.
Thank you in advance…

if you want to look at some good code for the camera look at kevin’s code (www.kevin.org/frc). His code is great, even if you don’t use it.

Kevin Watson also has the PDF datasheets that have alot of info. Ill pull out my CMUCam and see if i can answer your question.

Take a look at this thread for more about the format of SF packets.

A theoretical ASCII packet would look like this:

X 54 42 35\r

While the equivalent Raw mode packet would be:


It allows you to write simplier serial drivers because each byte is the value, not some character that represents a part of the value.