SF Bay Area teams: need carpet?

Hi SF Bay Area teams! Team 100 has received a wonderful donation of surplus carpet from GreenWaste, and we have some left-overs. Would any other teams be able to make use of 3 ea 12x25 pieces? Also, GreenWaste has more rolls of surplus up to 15x100 if you’re looking for larger pieces.


Team 701 would love some! Message me with more details at [email protected] please.

Hello! Team 9143 would be thrilled if we would be able to snag some of that carpet so we could have a carpeted space to practice on. Could you please contact my team at [email protected] with more information on how we could acquire some of the carpet?

Thank you so much, - Josh.


Ay give it to these guys they’re the GOAT

253 would love some

How close of a match is this to event carpet?

it’s not very close at all. it’s cut pile, not loop, and it’s red with a pattern, not solid gray.

Would monterey peninsula count as “Bay Area”?

Hello! Team FRC 840 would love to take any carpet you have! We could probably go and pick them up as well (that can be worked out). You can contact us here at [email protected]

Hey everybody, i think the 12x25 remnants are all spoken for. My contact at GreenWaste is [email protected], and he may still have some large rolls available at the yard in San Jose. Note all the carpet I’ve been talking about is quite different from FRC standard in terms of smoothness and color. For us the alternative is concrete (!) so we’re happy.