SFL Regional - Volunteer Positions

Attention South Florida Teams,

The South Florida Regional is in need of some special volunteers.

We need a referee, preferably from the South Florida area. While we have some excellent referees coming down from the Orlando Regional to help out for our inaugural event, we would like to get some local referees trained for the future. Referee time committments include participation in training phone calls, passing a rules exam, and being able to be on site from Thursday noon until the end of elimination matches on Saturday.

Also, we need local robot inspectors. Again, we are getting tremendous help from some very experienced, veteran inspectors, but we need to develop a local group of robot inspectors. Most robot inspector time committments are from Thursday morning through Friday around noon.

If you know any adults who would like to support this upcoming event, please urge them to go into VIMS and register.

There are many other positions available, such as crowd control, field assembly, etc. So if you are interested in helping out with this event, go into VIMs and sign up.