shaft encoder help

hi, I don’t know if anyone is having the same problem, but the white paper on using shaft encoders is a little above my level. if you’r Kevin Watson, is it possible you could write a tutorial or explain your code in a simplified form. this thread could be a nice place to explain it. if anyone can help that would be wonderful. any basic knowledge at all would be awesome.


Please be a bit more specific. Are you asking how an encoder works or how Mr. Watson’s code works. If the latter, is there a specific area in the code that needs explanation…


I would suggest reading the white paper “Interrupts for Dummies”.](

This will explain ALOT about how the code for encoders works – specifically interrupts, which are probably the best way to count distance. (Also read the Quadrature Encoderwhite paper).

Here are some threads that may also help you with basic knowledge:

Choosing an Encoder for the Drive-Train

Optical Sensors Used as Encoders

Mechanical Wheel Encoders

Hope this helps!