Shaft size of Big "FP" CIM Motor

Does anyone have the size of the output shaft for the new big fisher price cim motor after the belt sprocket is pressed off. A sketch of the length width and if there is a key would be nice.

Thanks, I don’t want to press the sprocket off to find out and the motor is on the other side of town.

I have it on reliable source that it is 5/16" with a flat ground on one side.

Yes, that’s what it appears to be. 5/16 and flat ground on 1 side. However, though it’s not a big difference, because it’s in the CIM family, might it be 8mm output shaft?

Hmmm I thought it was 8mm (.315"). It is only 2-3 thousandths of an inch differenence (5/16=.3125")

Anybody have a tie breaker?

I just check the step file on Andy has modelled the shaft as 8mm with a flat at distance of 3.531mm (.139") from the centerline (= 7.531mm= .269" from the OD opposite the flat to the flat).

I hope this helps.

Joe J.