Shaker Robotics 2014 - IRI Robot "Reveal" Video

So Shaker Robotics recently applied for the 2014 IRI. With 135 applicants, competition for spots is going to be tough, so we made a brief video showing off what our robot can really do given a bit of tuning and practice time. We’re hoping that we “ball so hard” that IRI invites us.

Check it out here -

I’ll also be posting some pictures and information about our robot’s design throughout the summer regardless of whether or not we get in to IRI. The team came up with some really cool designs and features that I could always use an excuse to talk about. :slight_smile:


You guys built a great robot this year. Really hoping you get in!


Some people just don’t have what it takes to be a human player. :cool: flex

In Kobe we trust.

Good robot and good video! As everyone said above about the human player I would be wary of putting him in at IRI. I’ve seen to many matches lost because of G40s and he seems to be nervous throwing the ball in and you don’t want that happening on the field. Best of luck. Chow out

Don’t worry he’s had a talking to.

Thanks for the tips, but you can rest assured that we won’t be getting penalties like this in real matches. Our actual human player couldn’t make the video shoot, so I had to step in and catch / throw balls. I took some “G40 liberties” to get the ball in for the “Killer Bees Clip” as we called it (three shot three human player strategy). I still think the camera angle is misleading and that my arms were actually in the Safety Zone, but I could be wrong.

Our real human player has gotten zero penalties in 2014 and hopefully he’ll get the chance to keep not getting penalties at IRI! He’s been pretty great about staying behind the line and makes a point to not even reach into the Safety Zone.

Like being a pre-college student? :wink: