Shapeako 3 XXL vs X- Carve vs Omni X8?

So my team is looking to buy a first CNC machine. My tease arch has pointed my to three machines: the Shapeako 3 (XXL), X- carve! And Omni x8. Does anyone have experience with these machines? My team will mostly cut aluminum, but we have to do it fast because our school won’t let machines run over night.

You probably want to read through this thread:

No matter what machine you use, these aren’t the types of tools you want to be running without supervision. On our team, someone mush always have their hand on the E-Stop button while the spindle is running. You certainly wouldn’t want it running without someone standing right next to it supervising.

This is a bit alarmist; we run our omio without someone hovering over the e-stop switch all the time. We have an enclosure and about the worst thing that can happen is that the bit breaks.

We don’t have an enclosure on ours, so it’s a bit more dangerous. We’ve been meaning to make one, but we never got around to it.

In any case, we’re running new untested CAM pretty much every time. My students are great, but I don’t trust anyone to be perfect. Crash the spindle once without anyone hovering to E-Stop, and we could be down thousands of dollars. Let alone damage to people standing nearby or other machinery in the room.

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can you post a pic of your table / enclosure

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