SharcScout (+Online Strategy Board) developed by X-SHARC #6838

As X-SHARC #6838, we developed a simple website that we could give our scouting team a more reliable way to scout rather than classic scouting methods. Now the season is over and we have made some improvements on it, we are proud to share it with you!

SharcScout is a scouting application that can be customized to any team’s needs and wishes. Teams can create a database in minutes with Firebase and link it to SharcScout to get their websites up and running for competitions. Also, SharcScout offers teams an online strategy board to strategize quickly before matches. Teams can use sites like GitHub,, etc. to host SharcScout for free.

SharcScout offers you not only scouting but also a strategy board! On the home page, you are greeted with your team logo, team name, team number and two buttons: Game Plan and Scouting. Also the website could be added to your phone’s or tablet’s home screen making it almost indistinguishable from a native app. You can simply say “Add to Home Screen” from your browsers options. Example images of IOS and Android could be seen below.

You can install and customize it and start using it right away! Learn more about it in our GitHub repository:

Also, we would love to hear feedback from you in order to develop it in the upcoming seasons!


I’m intrigued. Not a ton of benefit for teams at events that don’t provide wifi. I’m a little concerned that DB credentials are visible in source code though.

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Is it possible for their users to add their own questions?

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Of course! It is actually pretty easy. They just have to add their question to the form element and push it to the database in the javascript. However, they have to get their hands dirty. It would be awesome to have a more modular system that would allow users to build up their own questions as well!

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You are right! This relies on the fact that teams will have mobile data or wifi at comps. Also, we did the base of this in almost a day and did not have time to cover up db credentials. We were not concerned as we were going to use it only at one comps and the link would be something totally random. However, now that we want to turn this into a bigger project, we will take a look at that.

One of the most important reasons why we did this was to allow teams to have a customized and (relatively!) cool scouting system with their own team logo and etc. We have seen that it really encouraged people to see scouting as a more important task. Our next goal is to turn it into an app and offer teams the ability to specialize it to their team’s desired look and have more modular system to customize it. (We are also looking into data analysis part to make alliance selections a ton easier!)

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