Share A Poof Ball Order

NE Ohio team looking to share an order of 48 poof jr. balls, any inquires welcome. Hope this is the right place to post this. Contact me through:

robotics at


Jeff, you posted this in the ‘finding a team’ forum, which is meant to unite volunteers looking to mentor a team, and teams that are looking for help. I moved this message to the general forum, which is probably a better place for this.

Good luck this season,


we bought 48 balls for 200 dollars so does anyone want to buy 24 for 100 from us?



We purchased 60 balls. We want 25. Highland HS wants 10 (and more if there are no other requests). If there are any other AZ teams that need Poof-Slinky Balls, then call or e-mail or PM. (602) 264-5291 ext. 6264.

Please move all poof ball requests to CD Swap, so that we have a central location for updated information about teams ordering or in need of Poof balls. Thanks!

Good idea, Jess. CD-Swap would be perfect for Poof-Ball trading/ordering/swapping/etc.

This isnt exactly trading, but an FYI for all the Rochester NY Teams… we are placing an order this friday for any teams in the area who would like to order a number of balls at a discount. An email was sent out to all of the team leads, but they can email me back if they are interested.

Team 326 from Romulus Michigan would love to purchase 100 balls from you PM me!