Share a room at the OMNI anyone?

Is anyone still roomless for IRI? Currently myself and Joel J. are looking for 2 people to share a room with. 3 nights at $83 per room per night. Anyone interested pm me or im me on aim, Aftershock263.

I’m looking for lodging, myself, but I probably only need it for Friday night (maybe Thursday… dunno yet).

Were preferably looking for people who can share for all 3 nights. But if no one else repsonds then one or two nights is better than none, just to lower the costs a little.

Hey Rob, I was thinking, IRI would be fun to go to, I would be glad to share a room with you and Joel.


Looks Like I’m taking a bus


But I would pay for my portion of all three nights

Currently now my room is done but if anyone else needs a room you can use this thread to do so or it can be closed

Hello all, I was wondering if there was anybody out there that still needed a room for IRI, My room has one spot left in it, It will cost $70 a person with tax and such. If you are intrested IM me at Bldrngmn1 and we will talk, I have all ready asked a few other people, so hurry up:D

See you at IRI!!


OK Now I’ve got two open spots, it’s me and Rob come on you College FIRSTers I know some of you dont have rooms yet

Lets take this from a diffrent approach, Is there anybody out there looking for people to stay in there room?? Anybody, Anybody at all

I know it’s late… but is there any team with an open spot? I’d love to go, and I’d need to decide today if I can find a room to pay for my spot. Anybody at all? Thanks