Share or not to share CA submissions

Go ahead and post your 2003 app on this thread

cuz the thread was started in 2003, and it can remain a repository for people trying to find others’ apps.

Anyone without a web, or having to wait to get it on a web, can email me their app, I’ll have a page on our web hidden from public view, and I’ll have a link for you to post your app on delphi thread. I can do that easily.

Unless, Brandon, you want to have a team organization subfolder where people can upload their chairman apps?

Feel free to upload your Chairman’s Award entries in this new category of the White Papers.

Brandon and Delphi are the BEST doing the happy happy dance

I think winners should share their CA submissions. It lets everyone else know exactly why that team is so great.

Believe me, after being on Buzz #175 in high school I know how ambiguous the chairman’s award is. We tried everything to win that award: FIRST aid, lego league, community service, the BIG E…
We held a competition at the Big E, (it’s like a town fair but a million people go, held in Sprinfield, MA). We spread the FIRST message to 100 thousand people that never heard of FIRST. Hamilton Sundstrand Space Systems spent a HUGE amount of money to pull of the event. Did we win CA that year? Nope.

I think that in the end FIRST just gave it to Buzz because we had literally done everything and they were fearful of us just getting burned out and stop trying.

LOL, I don’t think it was that. You guys deserved it, you finally got it, and persistence pays off.

Excellent! Thanks Brandon.
I’ll start get copies of CAs from teams to upload.

THANK YOU THANK YOU to Chief Delphi, cheryl, rich wong and everyone else who is working on this to share this important information.

Additionally, thanks again to Chief Delphi for providing a venue for all these issues. I just started posting about a month ago and never imaged how wonderful it would be to have this site for all my questions and
The learning curve is steep…

When we win an award, we make sure to get the “words” the emcee announced.

I posted the transcript of our winning the chairman’s award.

Hope others will too in Delphi’s White Papers, team organization, chairman’s award subcategory


Many of you know where to find Team 103 submissions, but in case you don’t:

Our 2004 Hall of Fame Submission is here -

Our winning 2003 entry is here -

As for our winning announcements:
2003 J&J Mid-Atlantic Regional -
2003 Championship announcement transcript -
2003 Championship announcement video -

Congrats to all 2004 regional winners and best of luck in Atlanta!

Yeah, our team is turning our CA submission into a sponsor dealie too, hopefully to encourage current sponsors to keep sponsoring, and to invite new sponsors into the game. Wonderful experience.

I would personally be honored if a team tried to emulate our submission on their team.

Sharing of CA submissions +++