Share your Chairman's submission!

Hey everyone,
We on Team 1540 thought it would be a good idea to have everyone share their Chairman’s submission. We made a spreadsheet (linked below), so please go ahead and add any pieces of your submission that you want!

Here’s the link:
2014 Chairman’s Submissions


Team 1540

1912’s is up.

2486’s is up too!

1529’s submission can be found on our blog.
We’re certainly a middle-of-the-road tenth-year team, and we don’t harbor any grand illusions of messing up and winning this thing, but perhaps others could use our submission as a checkpoint.

Seeing these essays makes me afraid to put ours up :slight_smile:

Doesn’t feel up-to-par.

I already made a spreadsheet and linked it in the OP. Let’s not confuse people here.

Sorry about that, that’s what I get for not clicking links.

Just added 3337s. I’m wondering if we should start a reciprocal commenting system here. I read and give you comments about yours, you read and give comments about mine :slight_smile:

4265’s is up and can be found here:

Excited about the opportunity to document all our hard work. Win or lose we can’t wait to see what all the other teams have accomplished!

I added ours. They are in exactly the same format as submitted (with the exception of bullet points on the executive summary instead of dashes).

Since it was allowed this year, we decided to do some fun animation on our images-- actually open them up to see them in their full spinny glory!

I’ll also probably add our handouts and presentation graphics when they’re done, along with our schedule.

Team 3176, Purple Precision’s Chairman’s Award submission.

And Woodie Flower’s Award submission. The students nominated one of our new mentors this year, and we couldn’t be prouder to share this!

Figured I’d give this a bump. We’d love to see everyone’s submission!

Just added 1002’s. You can find it here

Anyone else want to share?

Ours is up. We are submitting but not competing, we are in HOF and still do this because it helps us reflect and be a better team.

I just added Team 3313’s Chairman’s submissions! I’ll add the video and handouts later.

It is so great to read all of the AMAZING things that other teams have accomplished. With each essay, I get more and more inspired to do more in the community and change the culture. Thanks everyone!

Added Team 157’s Chairman’s Executive Summary and Essay!

This is only our second year submitting and any critique would be absolutely amazing!

Now that the season is over, lets try to get more Chairman’s Award submissions published so more teams can be inspired. Add yours to the document in the first post.