Share your COVID-19 Safety Plans

Our team is required to submit a safety plan to our activities director before we start any in-person meetings. I know there is a separate thread related to the FRC Blog that deals with the safety plan, but I feel that thread may have gotten a little derailed. Please help us make our own safety plan by sharing what your team has come up with so far. I understand “local guidance” will have a huge impact, but I’m still interested in hearing everyone out.

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Ours is no meetings.


@Jon_Stratis, yours might help out better than my team’s…

For what it’s worth, my team is doing everything remotely (Zoom and Onshape) until further notice, courtesy of the local school district’s guidance. We’ve discussed dropping off (or having picked up) “work packets” when we do start working on hardware, and working offsite in open garages or similar in small groups. But we don’t have an actual written plan yet.


Since your a local team here… we’ve been working on assembling some resources to help teams (specifically in the FUM area, but others may find it useful as well). I expect we’ll have it up in another day or two on the FUM website - I’ll be sure to link it here when it’s ready, and it should be included in one of the regional email blasts from Mark as well.


Thanks Peter for starting this thread.

4607 is NOT meeting until after Minnesota’s MEA break (Fall Break - 10/22 through 10/25). So our first team meeting since the quarantine in March will be nearly 8mos since we last met. This is by far and away the longest I have not been fully engaged since I started back in 2012!

I will post the entirety of our COVID19 plans closer to these dates. We have been working with our administration to ensure we are working within all of the recommendations with our school and state mandates.

On a similar note - anyone find a good place to purchase masks? We are working with BSN and now should have enough masks for our entire team including mentors for $6 per mask.

Here are some good guidelines, as well as links to program-specific policies.