Share Your Final Robot Design

This is a thread to share your team’s robot designs as they get finished! I’m really excited to see what teams have come up with and talk about different strategies and executions. I’ll start off by sharing my team’s CAD, feel free to post questions.

We haven’t gone through and colored it yet, but eventually it’s gonna be nice and purple!


This is an awesome idea! I’ll get back to you like 20 minutes before our first match…




The robot is never finished.


Wait, we have to have a FINAL robot design? Why? :thinking:


Honestly, I’m just down to view some beautiful, 10/10 CAD renders regardless of it being a final design.


Okay fine, I worded it bad, obviously you’re gonna iterate, share your CURRENT robot designs!


Just wondering - this looks like a modified ball shifter shaft, for a PTO off the drivetrain. How do you plan on retaining the balls inside the shaft so that they won’t fall off when activating the PTO?


Here is team 7561’s current (not final) robot design.

This is an old rendering but neat nonetheless.

The wheels are meant to be Plaction Wedgetop wheels instead of HiGrips, and the model does not have the buddy climb system devised to be on either side of the machine.

The shooter flywheels are (in actuality, not the model) are machined from 4" dia x1.5" Brass stock, and the drum spins at about 10,000 rpm max.

In total 13 drawer slides are used on this robot, with 9 400mm and 4 300mm. Either Arc Rail on the Hood are potentially actuated independently by linear servos to shoot left and right. A limelight is used to track the target.

Opinions welcome!


I’d really consider a wider intake… we learned that lesson in 2012 while we watched our driver spend a majority of the match chasing down I ball at a time. And we only had to collect 3 not 5. Just a word of advise


You’re right on that being a Pto, I’m gonna be honest, I don’t fully know how they work. I’m not the one designing it so I’m not sure how the balls stay inside. I’ll try to ask someone who is designing it and get back to you

Looks like your lightening holes are based on a Star Wars motif. Very nice


The intake needed to slide out between the bumpers as to create a hopper space, so a smaller size was necessary and does the job. The drivetrain utilises NEO motors and so has decent fine control. As the loading station is fairly high up the balls can fall in through the top of the intake to reduce the time taken collecting off the ground.

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So I believe that we’re using a smaller shaft inside of a retaining part for the balls. When you pull the shaft into the gear, the balls move from being held by a 3D printed part to being in the gear and activating.

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Gotcha, that sounds pretty cool! TBH I just wondered whether you thought of that scenario since the CAD didn’t reflect that

This is our current design. We ordered all the parts we needed last Saturday, so it’s not likely to change much. We don’t actually have pneumatic wheels, but rather four plaction in the front and middle with Omni in the back (all 8")

It’s the first year we’ve actually planned a robot design (like, full CAD compared to our usual strategy of napkin drawings and LEGO models). It’s so surreal.


I really Like your guys’ design!!! one thing i would recommend is looking into extending the shaft on your intake wheel out more, and add mecanum wheels to effectively increase your area of intake, making it easier on the drivers.


Thanks for the compliment, it means so much coming from such a good team. And I’ll definitely look into the mecanum wheels.

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No problem!! First Capital Ri3D has some great videos demonstrating this style intake
Also thank you for your compliment!

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Our latest cancept got itterated. Here is what is left.