Share Your Final Robot Design

If I’m reading that climber linkage correctly, it’s an incredibly elegant design. And the single piece hopper walls must have been a beauty to cut!


needs more falcons


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Are you gearing up your falcons for the shooter at all? It looks like they are direct driving the shooter, but I can also see a belt run in there.

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Awesome robot, looks very similar to ours. I have a few questions if you dont mind.
What is the gas shock helping on the climber? Is it helping fold the climber all the way up?
Whats the small piston that points down and to the right on the front near that falcon? to deploy the intake?
Is your hood fixed angle?
Are you able to singulate balls well with just the mecanum intake straight into the indexer or is there something else you’re doing to get them single file for the indexer? Driver skill is an acceptable answer

Wow them falcons… I hope all of them have been loctited as they may die if driven too long: PSA: Falcon Failure Mode
Those belts must have taken HOURS


The falcons are direct driving the shooter. It seems to be enough speed to shoot from about half field and closer. The belts are for the adjustable hood angle. We are using a bag motor on a VP with a couple belt reductions.

Yes, the gas springs lift the big climbing cylinders all the way up. The other large diameter cylinders on the back top of the robot unfold the climber about the first 50° and then the gas springs do the rest.

Yes, those small pistons deploy the intake.

The mecanum wheels center the balls along the bumper. Then they go into the magazine. We are using beam break sensors to know when to advance the indexer when the next ball is intaked. The intake seems to work alright, I’m sure it is less fool proof than the full width roller type intakes, but it is also nice to not need to serialize the balls in the robot.


Great design, looks expensive…

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Our robot is finally coming together!


There’s a lot of stuff on this robot that I like, very nice!

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Nice robot, but that’s some very aggressive pocketing on the climber support pillars

8 falcon drive :astonished: :astonished:

Ball Drive unfortunantly that’s not true :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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the CAD is missing some reinforcement , but it’s basically an Everybot with a few tweaks


Where’s the climb?

Here you go. The design from Team 3566. We are a small team, and everything is made in house.


Should be fine, climb mech is primarily a tension member. As long as both hooks are on (so the robot doesn’t start dangling/twisting on a single hook) there aren’t any major loads.
Also it’s real pretty.

Not pictured

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Still some tweaking left but here ya go