Share your Finger Lakes Scouting Data

Now that the regional is over, I was curious to see if other teams would be willing to share their scouting data. We captured a fair amount, but had some minor problems with accuracy. Scouting matches this year has proven to be a lot more difficult in past years.

Attached to this message is a copy of our scouting spreadsheet.

I’m also looking to see if any teams took human player statistics during the regional. We didn’t have the resources to do this. (72.6 KB) (72.6 KB)

I believe 1511 had both human and robot player stats for all of the matches (we have a 6 person scouting team during all practice and qualifications rounds, and another 6 people specifically scouting human players during the last day of competition). I’ll ask Larry if we can post it.

Unfortunately, not many people on the team really valued scouting on Friday. Therefore we do have some corrupt data on our database. Saturday is all prime information though. I’ll see if we can post the good stuff.

All I’ve got is photos of about half the robots… in detail. I tried to do some high res pano shots (autopano) to stitch together 10mp images but it kept crashing my software :slight_smile:

If that’s useful and I ever get more free time I"ll get them up.