Share Your Quarantine Programming Projects

Given the current halt in competition, I have been doing multiple programming projects for the heck of it and to keep my skills up/improve them.

Fellow coderz, what amazing projects have you been brewing?

Here is some VGA drivers I wrote for my operating system:
(Certain parts of the project may have some occasional colorful language, nothing in excess. The link below are squeaky clean.)

Here is an in-house ring buffer implementation:

By the way, I mainly program in cC++ and do have some resentment of C XD


I have some family that owns an off-grid solar panel system with a battery. They are completely off-grid, so solar power and the occasional propane or gas generator is the only way they get power.

For the past few years I’ve been working on a program to monitor their system (battery voltage, current solar power coming in, daily solar energy). It has become pretty complicated with multiple raspberry pis running the program and the data being displayed in multiple places (android app, web application, grafana,

I’ve had lots of fun learning about the proprietary protocols that these devices use and I’ve learned a lot about serial communication and countless other things.


Whoah. Like deep respect. I love the involvement with hardware and the fact you’ve dealt with proprietary protocols.

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I decided to work with Python and get a cheap raspberry pi to detect swear words and play back an audio of Samuel L. Jackson basically criticizing you for swearing. It was a lot of fun to test.


Just out of curiosity are these just standard Linux drivers? Cool stuff, C is one of my favorite languages to mess with.

Trying to make a program to automatically build my school in Minecraft. It turns out to be much more annoying than I thought, and not a good project to work on the week before APs!


Rewriting some of the core software behind this:


I am not NEARLY as cool as yall, so I am simply creating a perfect Snake AI in pascal.

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I have some renewed energy to work on outside of work work. If anyone is interested in building a safe & minimal WPILib alternative from the ground up I’d be happy to guide.

Wait a sec. You just said

and then you said you were working in pascal. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t add up correctly.


One of our mentors has the programmers doing a swerve simulator he came up with (he said we could make a CD post about it once one of us finishes it). I’m also working on getting better at Java in general, and we participated in the Code Review which was quite educational.

I’ve been in so many Zoom calls, mostly choir ones, and it can get exhausting at times. So I’ve begun work on a way to take my webcam, take a screenshot, and display it for as long as I’d like, so I can have a break.


I have been working on a note taking app that I hope to use in college. I will include a link below. Definitely would appreciate any feedback / bug reports / feature requests. I have pretty much had my friends download the artifacts and try to break it and tell me what it needs.


I’m finally learning Java and and attempting to make some robot code with the new command framework. I highly doubt anyone is interested but I do have it in a repo.

program Thank You;

thanksLv : string;

thanksLv := ‘1000’;
writeln(‘Thank you! I am ’ + thanksLv + ’ thankful!’);

Fuzzing Android apps.

Sir, or m’am, you did say… AI… and Pascal… in the same sentences did you not???

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I see you have followed in the footsteps of the great Thomas Edison.

(Yeah he did some bad stuff but you gotta dmit that the auto-response machine as pretty good and does deserve merit.)

Look into Baritone, a Minecraft bot, if recently modded it to till soil and also farm obsidian from nether portals.

Baritone has a built-in feature when it will automatically build something from schematica. I’ve been using it to auto-build some large wheat towers in an anarchy server for fun :slight_smile: And amass 216 stacks of diamond.

Here’s my fork:

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Oh that’s interesting! The main problem I’m facing is that I have two PNG files provided by the school of the room layout on each floor. I was hoping to translate pixels of the image to pixels in game (using the Chisel and Bits mod) but it turns out both images are scaled differently even though both stories have the same dimension. So what’s stopping me is that I need to find some way to combine them to get a higher resolution layout basically. But thanks, might use this for some future project!

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