Share your useful opkg apps, and linux scripts & tips for the roboRIO

Installing programs on the roboRIO isn’t discussed as much as I would I think.

254 has a cool way of caching ipk files and installing them with a script on their 2017 repo for some of the applications needed for their android vision system.

Here is an example of using a program to turning off the Lifecam auto focus with video 4 linux in this reddit post
I wrote some notes on how to install Screen on the roboRIO for working with a serial device (in this case the JeVois camera)

I’ve used this post on the NI Form several times to remember how to get opkg working.

What other programs, scripts, or linux tips do teams use on their roboRIO?

As an aside, in 2018 the RoboRIO Java Runtime is installed through opkg instead of thru a separate application like in past years. Build tools (eclipse plugins, gradlerio) will do this automatically, so if you want to see some opkg in action, that’s a good place to look.

For reference

RobotPy has distributed various pieces using opkg, see

Additionally, the robotpy-installer can download/install opkg packages in two steps, facilitating offline installation.

Edit: I glanced at the link posted above, and it looks like 254’s scripts use robotpy-installer for installation.