Shared Testing Pyramid Locator - Post here if you are willing to share your pyramid

Along with the threads on pyramids and game fields being shared, I figured we could post a thread to capture all teams that have elements that are willing to share.

Team Number
Team Name
**Location **(City, State)
Primary Contact Email (if applicable)
Primary Contact Phone (if applicable)
Field Element (High, Mid, Low, Full driver station wall, Pyramid (“Real” or “Team Drawings”), Feeder Station, Low Goal, Entire Field)

Please fill out your information in this Google Docs Form. If you are unable, post to this thread and I will add to the list.
The compiled results are in this Spreadsheet.

I’m not sure how long I will be able to edit this post, so I’ll do my best to capture the information on Google Docs.

Location: Horsham, PA
Element: Pyramid (Team Drawings), Feeder Station

Location: Manassas VA (Roughly 30 miles south and west of Washington DC)
Team Feeder station (Done)
Team Low Goal (Done)
Team Middle and High Goal (In progress)
“Almost competition” pyramid (should be done in about a week)

Is your pyramid built to the team drawing specifications or the actual field specifications?


Team Number: 2410
Team Name: BV CAPS Metal Mustang Robotics

Location: Overland Park, Kansas
**Primary Contact Email: | **
Field Element Low goal, Feeding Station, hybrid Team/Actual pyramid
Elements will be availiable on Saturdays and Weeknights upon request

*Hybrid Team/Actual pyramid means that our team will be following the Actual pyramid specs for the most part, though we will not be wielding if we can avoid it, as well as possibly adding some gussets on the inside of the corners, depending on how stable it turns out.

Team drawings, my apologies… is sturdy, will be sturdier with the goal on top

…was hoping more people would have posted here. I’m guess most teams don’t have space to store a steel pyramid.

We are finishing the pyramid today, but:

**Team Number: **1676
**Team Name: **The Pascack Pi-oneers
**Location (City, State): **Montvale, New Jersey
Primary Contact Email (if applicable):
**Primary Contact Phone (if applicable): **Email is the best way to contact
Field Element: Carpet, High Goal, Mid Goal, Low Goal and Feeder Station (with slots), Driver Station table, “Real” (Steel EMT, wielded) Pyramid with Pyramid Goal

Note: Our Pyramid is designed to be able to be disassemble-able, since we have to set-up and then store our field elements each day if we want to use them, either outside, in our normal ceiling autoshop or cafeteria, or in our high ceiling gym.

Team Number: 2851
Team Name: Crevolution
Location (City, State): Sterling Hgts, Michigan
Primary Contact Email (if applicable):,,
Primary Contact Phone (if applicable): Email is the best way to contact
Field Element: Full field (only when dedicated to scrimmage) minus one pyramid. (The pyramid we have is based on the Team drawings)
Half field will be open to testing all the time. (our setup this year is due to the velocity of game pieces “safety first” we’d have to close our fab area to safely play at both ends of the field) there is a map to our build site in the contact link.
Build site hours are 4-8 Mon-Fri 10-6 Sat, we’re looking forward to seeing other teams towards the end of the build season to run some scrimmage matches etc…

Team Number: 2791
Team Name: Shaker Robotics
Location: Latham, NY
Primary Contact Email: info (at) team2791 (dot) org or PM me
Primary Contact Phone: N/A
Field Element: We will have 1/4 of a field spec pyramid by end of week 4. (i.e. one corner.)

Teams in Upstate NY, Western MA, and VT should note that Team 20 has a full practice field with field elements based on team drawings at RPI’s Tech Park in Troy, NY. Contact them for more details. We are a 7 min drive from this facility and we can arrange to meet you there for practice with our 1/4 pyramid after week 4.

I’ve updated the master spreadsheet with all the non-submitted posts so far.

Thanks for the responses so far :slight_smile:

I haven’t had time to make the mapping tab show the team details per the location yet. I have to do a bit more reading to make that work.

Team Number: 126
**Team Name:**Gael Force
Location: Clinton, MA
Primary Contact Email:
Field Element: Full playing field, pyramids are welded. Only element currently not finished is pyramid goals.

We have a full field, with alliance walls and drivers stations areas, in the Central Mass area. Please contact our team email, or me personally ( if interested. Steel toe shoes and safety glasses are required for everyone in our warehouse. We can assist with anyone that may not have shoes.

Team Number: 45
Team Name:Technokats
Location: Kokomo, IN
Primary Contact Email:
Field Element: one 3 pt goal, one 2 pt goal, one 1 pt goal, 1 pyramid (team version), one pyramid goal, and one feeder station.

We have a full sized field and a red and blue set of driver stations. Just shoot us an email and we’ll see that you can stop by.

Thanks. Updated!

Team Number: 1640
Team Name: Sab-BOT-age
Location: Exton, PA
Contact: Siri Maley, skm5107 at psu dot edu, 484-883-7596. Please call ahead so we can clear the date appropriately.
Field Elements: 1 of each goal (team drawings), 1 pyramid (almost-real*), 1+ feeder station (team drawing with slides). Half or full court carpet, potentially boxed in (“walls”).

*Welded steel conduit; correct OD, rung heights and angles; but undersized horizontally by 4"

Team Number: 1033
Team Name: Team CLUTCH
Location: Richmond, VA
Primary Contact Email:
Primary Contact Phone: (804) 387-5156
Field Element:(High, Mid, Low, Pyramid “Real”, Feeder Station)

We also have tons of materials, tools, etc if teams are low budget and would like to do more this season.

Thanks for the idea of this guys!

Walton Robotics in cooperation with Ga First has a practice field. Currently (1/25) only the pyramid is complete, but it is the competition version. We are planning on a complete field by lock up.

Walton Robotics
Marietta GA
Contact: We have several open houses scheduled & a Google form for sign ups.

If you want to came another time, fill out the form & we will try to accommodate.

Team 1208
O’Fallon, IL

For any DC metro area teas 2068’s pyramid is sitting in our shop if you want to come by and test just let us know.

Team Number: 2836
Team Name: Team Beta
Location: Woodbury CT
Primary Contact Email:
Send me an e-mail and I’ll give you my phone number
Field Element: Real Full Pyramid - powder coated except for the bottom rung (too big for powder coating machine), also plywood wood high goal and feeder station