Sharing Holonomic Drive Code

CORE 2062 has developed our own holonomic drive block and we want to share the VI with anyone who is interested in using it. Feel free to use it as is, improve upon it or as a source of ideas.

We have used it with a mechanum drivetrain.

You can download the VI from our site using the link:

Core Holo Drive

You can post questions regarding the functionality and we will try to answer them, our first regional is tomorrow (Wisconsin Regional) so you may not get much response this weekend.



il try it out on our 2010 bot

*You might want to consider normalizing the wheel speeds instead of clipping them so that they remain kinematically correct.


It may be a good idea to post what exactly it does. How is it different from the given holonomic drive vi? Does it work with other types of holonomic drives, like kiwi and 4 omni wheels in each direction? What do you input to it? Does it output motor values or does it have the run motor commands in it?

I know I could get that from looking at the vi, but it’d be nice to know its specifications first.