Sharing Limelight Thresholding Values


My team (4028 the Beak Squad) competed at the Miami Valley Regional last weekend. As many teams did, we were working on improving our robot with post-bag day enhancements during the field calibration period early in the morning on Thursday. I tried to better calibrate the limelight thresholding values per the venue lighting conditions on the practice field on Friday, but we found that inaccurate and still had issues with targeting other things around the field. It is worth noting that the threshold values we use at home we found di not provide the accuracy we wanted on the field. I know that this can be bettered with additional contour filtering, but besides that, the question is: In the spirit of Coopertition/Are there any rules that prevent sharing limelight thresholding values among teams using the Limelight at a given regional? This doesn’t mean that teams would have to share their values, but just is it against any rule to ask or to willingly give out these values?


There are no rules preventings this.