Sharing Woody Flowers and Deans List essays

Now This was the first season that my team actually completed all awards on time! As we were looking for examples we were able to find a great database for chairmans, but not the woody flowers or deans list essay? I was wondering If we should start a google spreadsheet and team can add their essays in if they choose.

Now my reason for asking this is that some of this info could be private? So I would like the communinity reaction before I release a page like this. So what do you guys think should their be a overall database for this or not?

I would say go for it! If there’s sensitive information in a team’s essays, there’s no need for them to share it. I would love to see what other teams have, though.

Fyi. It is Woodie, not Woody, please.

Here are some older WFA entries:

I think this is a great idea, but we would need to redact some of the information in our nominees’ essays. It certainly would be nice to have some reference essays out in the community.

Ooops! my bad! :yikes: I swear I can actually spell Woodie!

Here is the Deans list spreadsheet feel free to add! Share with others! I would love to have a complete database where anyone could review past essays and make a winning essay of them!

Here is the Spreadsheet to the Woodie Flowers essays. Please share this with your friends and enter in your own essay so that people from the future can read and learn from our essays! Thank you!