Shaun's Backpack - TO BE REVEALED!

As some of you know, earlier in the year, our team (1676) made a deal with Shaun of 25 that if they won Championships, he would finally show us the secret of what’s in his backpack. And, what do you know, Raider Robotix came back champions. Honoring his deal, Shaun spilled out most of his bag on Einstein after the win, but, with Murphy’s Law at work, the webcast cut out just before it. So, he decided that he would let us unveil its contents to EVERYONE via video. Until then, we created this teaser to build up the hype:

Have fun, and we’ll see you all in T-minus 12 days :wink:

EDIT: While the video says it will be revealed on the 19th, it will more likely be put out on the 20th due to our Relay for Life event Saturday night-Sunday morning, but we’ll be sure to put out a few hints after we film it :wink:

Wow, nice work Ryan, that video makes ME curious to see…and I have seen inside already! :smiley:

Can’t wait for the reveal. Great video by the way.

Awesome video. How come there are no photos from earlier years? I just went through and looked and Shaun has been wearing that thing since 2009.

Hey everyone actually he has been wearing it since 2006… My question is who packs it??? :wink:

I saw what was in his backpack a couple of years ago…

Here is a previous discussion of the contents.

My personal favorites are a series of nested backpacks, and the proper spelling of his first name.

I am pretty sure I saw coach Wayne peek out during the finals at MAR. :wink:

I still hold with family photos. And I’m adding - parts of other robots that serve as reminders. And maybe the battery that fell off the bus.


After their most recent bus trip, I’m guessing extra hydraulic parts as well :wink:

Are the contents the same now as they were in 2006? if so, I hope they aren’t perishable…

Okay you guys made a teaser video too very funny.

I checked through photos and he wasn’t wearing it in 2008 in Hawaii or Atlanta. He may have had it back then, but he wasn’t glued to it like he has been n recent years.

Wow, if I had known it was such a big deal I would have paid attention; I was standing there as he dumped it out on Einstein. If one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, it looked quite treasureable to me.

FIRST’s B-Roll video shows it being opened in the background of one of the interviews.

Aww someone is blocking it

For those who don’t want to click or sit through the whole video, here:

He’s in the background, kneeling on the field.

This must be that big FIRST Robotics movie that everyone’s been talking about.

That’s just too perfect. It’s almost as if this was planned (obviously it wasn’t) to have the person just barely blocking the backpack.

It wasn’t? Sure…yeah, let’s go with that :wink: