shcools out?!?

so whos outta school already cuz i know im definitely not…i have 8 days :mad:

I’ve been out since Thrusday, the 23th…hehe

You need to be quiet Melissa, aren’t you supposed to be writing an e-mail? :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, new york isn’t out untill about june 22nd. so i am still in school, i just have a six day weekend now

i will be out of school on june 7

haha! I have you all beat we get out the 26th of June:mad:

June 4th is our last day

3 more weeks

Woooo, I think my school wins for fewest days of school.
I’ve been out since March 28, seniors get out after 3rd quarter. hehe thats right i said MARCH!!! Private schooling hehe paying more money for less days of school! Sweeeeeet!

oOo shut ^

takes deep breath just one more day of classes and three days of finals. that’s all. i just need to hang on a little longer. i swear if school doesn’t let out soon i’m gonna go insane. breath in… breath out i’m good now. i needed to get that out of my system. my last day of school is june 4. right after my english final… fuuuuun.
no fair though… i go to a private school and i don’t get out early. although i do start late next year. after labor day. yeah buddy! long vacation for me. ooooooooh… more time to think about robotics… hrmmm…

i have 13 more days of class, then 4 days of Regents.

tries to resist urge to kill the NY State Department of Education

i really hate regents. it makes the entire year busy work, unless your in an ap course. quite pointless. oh well, i can’t wait until sometime between 10 and 11 AM on June 24th. after then, i have all summer off. :smiley: stupid finals.

two weeks of school and one week of finals. so, we get out on june 14. yay! it’s almost here!

gosh our finals were done with like May 14th, I guess thats Oklahoma for you, I couldn’t stand to be in school during June!


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**two weeks of school and one week of finals. so, we get out on june 14. yay! it’s almost here! **

ima 14th too!

i’ve been out since tuesday may 21 :stuck_out_tongue:

::sitting in computer programming class, 3rd period of 8::

icky! i want to be outside! it’s all sunny and warm! ive got school until june 14. :frowning:

June 6th here… Ricky, when do you get out??

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As you can see I’m excited.

we get out on the …19th, but i gotta go sing at the grad. on the 20th… but we got finals from the 14-19, bah! way to end the school year!
(i know i know, hence the name ‘finals’)