Sheet Aluminum Chassis:

Hey guys. Last year we used aluminum angle to fasten our robot together, with steel plates to hold the motors on. Not exactly a great design… but it was our first year so i guess that’s an excuse. Anyways, this year, we’re looking at making our robot out of sheet aluminum, and i was wondering if some of you teams could post pics and pointers on how well it works, how to work with it, etc. Thanks

See this thread

i know our team uses 1/4 inch aluminum plating that is welded together. it is 3 inch wide aluminum, you can check out our bot on then go to 151, alothough it cost quite a bit for materials

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Last year, we used a sheet of aluminum, and the year before, welded angle iron, I believe, and I first year was steel. Our fist year, it was a tank, and was pretty good, 2nd year, our best so far, by the end of nationals the frame was warped, and last year the aluminum year, well our guy in charge/driver, said it wasn’t good, that something happened to it. That’s all I know.
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