Sheet Metal Timeline

How long does it take team IFI to get their first run sheet metal done? I don’t expect to get a sponsor that fast, but it should provide a good upper target.

This answer, and many more, can probably be found at JVN’s blog Happy Hunting.

If you are looking for how fast the turnaround is, the best would be same day.

However, reasonably I would expect the best to be next day (unless it is really slow at work, then same day). It is better to provide more time to the shops, instead of rushing them. Afterall, it is free.

On some of the few things that we have had made, I drop off files early in the week and expect to see them by the end of the week. On some parts, like our kicking arms from 2010, that go through many iterations I put as the higher priority and the guys on the shop floor can usually help us out in those instances.

To get back to your question, I don’t know IFI’s turnaround, but after reading the blogs (religiously during build season) it is fairly quick.

Check out this thread (specifically post #4)

It seems that they can get all of their robots parts in a matter of a couple of days.

Thanks guys. Your replies have really helped me learn about sheet metal, and FIRST in general.