She'll cheer for the Nimrods, but not for FIRST?

For those of you who were at the Great Lakes Regional, you may have been dissappointed in Gov. Granholm’s absence. According to an ESPN commercial, “without sports, who would cheer for the Nimrods?”. Gov. Granholm, it turns out, is in fact an avid Nimrod supporter. Check this out…,1303,7-102–88102–,00.html

This quote startled me:

“The commercial is the talk of not only the state, but the entire nation,” Granholm said.$@# “It shows how much high school sports can mean to a town, no matter what the size or location.$@# It also shows that no matter how small your town, school spirit is irrepressible, and it touches residents both in Watersmeet Township and across the state.”

I know that supporting sports is good, but to commercialize and exploit them like this is sad. What learning are they missing by going to Jay Leno and filming a commercial?

It’s good to know that we’ll have lots of great sports stars in the future, but we are running low on engineers, scientists, and teachers.

I’ve met Granholm personally before, she’s really quite dodgy for some reason.

She may indeed be a politician, and therefor by nature dodgy. ;.P