Just reading these pages:

and it seems like FIRST is right in line with their mission. Do they sponsor any teams or regionals?

We are (probably) going to do a presentation to them and hope to get Shell as a sponsor soon. They are one of the two refineries in town and were pretty responsive to one of our public demos. We also have parents of students that work there, so I’m pretty hopeful.

We have a mentor from Shell. We have looked for community matching and grant applications but no successful attempts in sponsorship from Shell.

They have contributed some resources to Robotics activities but not significantly to FIRST. They definitely have room to grow in robotics outreach.

Only three FRC teams listed Shell as a sponsor this year.
Shell has sponsored FRC teams about 30 times in the past.

Shell does sponsor some FLL tournaments.

You can check the sponsor lists in the FIRST Annual Report.