Shelving Air Tanks

Hello everyone, hope all is well. For High School First Robotics, we are legally only allowed to have one compressor on board (for Pneumatics), and all air must go through that system (no off-board compressor). Would you be allowed to have tanks attached to that compressor and then isolate them and keep them for storage? Essentially, you have stored air in air tanks that you can cycle in for future rounds which are shelved.

No Rules are directly violated for that piece. Let me know your thoughts and ideas?

Edit: Clearly violates the rules. My fault…

Can you cycle compressors?

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I believe this would pretty clearly violate R807:

No stored air pressure intended for the ROBOT may be located off-board the ROBOT.


Depending on implementation that may violate the pressure relief valve and/or vent rules.
I don’t really see the merit in such a design; the additional weight from tanks can be allocated to a compressor with a higher duty cycle if that is the limitation.

edit: I was reading that as if you had tanks physically on the robot to be used in future matches.

Yeah, looks like R813 disallows this:

Thanks a lot, I must have breezed through that one - my fault. Thanks again

You can also recharge the air in your robot in the pits before you go to your next match, that should accomplish what you are hoping to do.

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For this, I reccomend you charge the pneumatics using the battery from your previous match that is still in the robot, then swap it out for a new one before going to your next match. It means you always have a full battery when you put your robot on the field.


Edited. Thx guys

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