Shenzhen Regional Stream?

Does anyone know if this week’s Shenzhen Regional is being streamed at all? It’s one of the ones I want to watch, and since it’s in China, streaming it might be a potential problem. If anyone has any information about a stream, it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi CD! - does anyone know if the Shenzhen Regional will be webcast?

Does anyone know if the Shenzhen Regional is going to be webcast?

this has been asked 3 times already in 3 different threads (including this one.)

No responses on all 3, so im thinking none thats publicly known atm.

I haven’t heard yet - I’ll post when I find out.

EDIT: We should get the link tomorrow…

Just spoke with the local committee here. There is an intent to have a webcast and will be testing it later. A link will be provided prior to the start of the event.

(I just tested the link for them - they have a sports video playing for the test. The test video was very good quality.)

It looks like the answer is YES

See this thread

Thanks for pointing that out Mikal. :ahh: I am not a fan of post spamming either but I didn’t spot those - must be the late nights pre-comp catching up on me!:smiley:

Attaboy Howard

Excellent! Good to hear! :smiley:

Tom are you able to share that link as yet?

I hope the plan to find more corporate sponsors to host a 2nd FRC event in Shanghai pans out for 2018.
Would be awesome to attend 2 FRC events in China the same season.:slight_smile:

The link for the Shenzhen Regional webcast is below. The webcast will stream when the event is live.

Let me know if there are issues and I can try to address them here.

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Howard this is working fine both audio & video. I noted however that I was getting constant buffering after every 5 seconds or so under Google Chrome on both Windows 7 and Mac OS but Safari was flawless.

Internet Explorer seems OK.

Anyone know what the number of the team who made a nearly perfect replica of 118 for a Chinese offseason is?

It looks like it was a pre-rookie team (9048 at the event.) I don’t have their official team number.

I will bring it up and see what can be done.