What are some good two speed shifters? Considering that the Andymark Supershifter is out of stock from Andy. It would be used to modulate the speed and power of a treaded robot that could be geared either to win a pushing match, or to zip (well as much as that word can be applied to treads) from side to side of the defensive zone.

The Gen 2 is a pretty good shifter.

P.S. Never underestimate a treadbot’s speed. I’ve seen one in 2003 that went out from the start, did a U-turn, went over the ramp, then spun 90 degrees left and went under the stands (there wasn’t lexan on the field walls at that point in time) before anybody could get to the E-Stop button. Not joking.

If Andy stumbles upon this thread, is there a projected back-in-stock date for Super Shifters?

If anyone needs them, send me a PM.
I got about 8 leftover from last year (unopened).

If and when they are available, you can order/pay us back later.:slight_smile:

Just a note: They are back in stock now!

its out of stock again! :mad: its been really hard getting everything we need at once when things go out of stock. oh well