Shifting Gearbox Option for KOP Chassis

Is there an COTS Dual speed Gearbox that integrates easily with the KOP chassis? How would you go about installing one?

VexPro has a guide for mounting their gearboxes to the KOP chassis.

We have used the 2-CIM ballshifter in this manner the last two years.

Andymark has a series of their Evo shifters intended to work with the AM14U4. Aside from being specifically geared for 4", 6", and 8" wheels, I’m not sure how they are different from the normal Evo shifters.

AndyMark’s EVO gearboxes, including the shifters, have mounting holes which match holes on the AM14U2, U3, and U4 chassis inside sheets, and put the output shaft in the same location as the stock TB-mini.

We have EVO shifters 2cim 2speed and fit without any change in chassis.

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