Shifting Gears in LabVIEW

Any ideas to shift gears in motors

What 's your purpose ?

Our purpose is to shift the robot into high gear so we can go faster and go into low gear to slow down

OK, what kind of shift mechanism is being used?

Some typical mechanisms include pneumatic cylinders, Electric servo motors, and electromagnetic solenoids.

The drivetrain team should be able to answer that.

The shift mechanism we are using is the electric servo motor

Use the Servo example (Launch LabVIEW, click the Support tab, click “Find FRC examples…” and look for Servo.lvproj under the FRC Robotics->Actuators folder). Play with the servo angle numbers until you get the gearbox to shift appropriately. Record those numbers; your code will use them to set the servo angle when you want to shift between high and low gear.

What physical controls do you want the driver to use in order to shift gears?