Shifting Output Gearbox


I am trying to design a robot within which the same gearbox for the drivetrain is used for the climb. I know this is usually done with a custom gearbox but I was wondering whether there is any source that has a gearbox (for 3 motors) that shifts the output shaft rather than the speed. Ie: two outputs rather than one with various speeds. Does that exist somewhere or would the only option be custom manufacturing?

5813 made a custom gearbox in 2018 that shifted output from our elevator to our climber winch. We used a VexPro dog shifter and connected one side to the elevator output and the other side to the climber. I’d say your best bet is a custom gearbox, but I’d recommend using the Vex shifters. I’ll see if I can find pictures of the gearbox we used in 2018.


Gotchya. Alright I’ll check it out and see what I can do. We should have the manufacturing ability to make our own gearbox but it makes it a bit more sketch (as we’ve never done it before). +


Oh wow this is exactly what I was looking for. I must’ve missed it. Thanks!

For the record, this type of gearbox is usually called a “Power Take Off” gearbox, or PTO


Good to know. Thanks!

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