Shipdate for Pneumatics?

Does anyone know when the date for shipment of the Pneumatics is?

Yeah i was wondering the same thing hopefully soon.

we talked to bimba and supposedly there is a 4 day lead time on all of the free orders. Then it is shipped and you will recieve your pneumatics depending on your shipping distance.

Crap, we ordered ours yesterday. Now we wont get them till late next week or next monday…

Sorry, I don’t know if maybe the question was misunderstood. Are you guys talking about receiving the original Pneumatics?

Still no update on the FIRST website. For anyone’s info, the list of what is coming from SMC (I think) is in the pneumatics manual BOM:

SMC 2 SY3240-6HZ-X70 3.0 oz. Double solenoid valve-12vdc complete
SMC 1 SY3240- 3.0 oz. Single solenoid valve- 12vdc, complete
SMC 3 SY3000-27-1T 2.0 oz. Sub plate for double solenoid valve
SMC 6 NAS2201F-N01-07S 0.6 oz. Flow control
SMC 10 KQH07-34S 0.3 oz. Fitting, Straight 1/4 Tube
SMC 10 KQL07-35S 0.2 oz. Fitting, 90 Elbow 1/4 Tube
SMC 5 KQT07-00 0.5 oz. Fitting, Male Run T 1/8 NPT -1/4 Tube
SMC 1 KQ2L03-34S 0.5 oz. Male, 90 degree Elbow 5/32" tube 1/8"NPT
SMC 1 KQ2H03-34S 0.5 oz. Male Conn., 5/32" tube- 1/8"NPT