Shiped out

We shiped out our robot today and for the most part its working… only small problems… hopefully… but we shiped out today and while testing the balls got stuck a good 50% of the time, no one tested driving except the old driving team and then we crated it and drove it to the LI regional… Now we had till tue. because the place is closed sat sun and monday because its a holiday… how bad was it to ship out so early?

Here’s what you missed, and you can make the call.

  • drive practice
  • clearing the jam points
  • preship scrimmages
  • tweaking
  • programming
  • practice
    *]more practice…
    Unless you didn’t work on the weekends anyways, you got the same effect as 3 snow days.

well, your killing a lot of time.

If the school wasn’t so *** id still be there all night probably…

But hopefully tomorrow we will be staying very late, and sunday also.

I would love to be there monday even if i can at all…

alot of us wanted to stay and keep it and work on the weekends cause we had a shop to go to as well as transportation for the robot, but our advisors wouldnt let us…

thats too bad… I know i have a ton of work left… The school seems to think they will be kicking us out early every day, but i think we will half to go around that since i do have a ton of programming to do…

My school isn’t being to cooperative either. We all have to hop the fences and break in the metalshop. (our metalshop teacher is currently with his very pregnant wife, we still have mentors present) But we have worked 9-6 today, and are planning on doing it all 4 days this weekend. Thats 36 hours more work you could of had, if anything taking the bot home and driving it around.

lol id “hope the fence” also except for the alarm systems we have at the school… Wouldn’t be too fun…

We take a pool of tools from various team members, and bring them all and the robot to a dedicated member’s house for this final weekend (every weekend actually this year, the school didn’t let us in then, and we decided it was killing too much time to never meet on weekends.) We then hold meetings and ship directly from there.