Shiping Robot

:slight_smile: What do we include when we pack robot? (just robot )? do we put controllersā€¦? someone pleasE!

1 Robot
1 Operator Console - all your joysticks, button boxes, fancy things that control your robot, the Operator Interface, and the board it sits on
2 KOP Batteries in their ā€˜Original Packagingā€™

Donā€™t forget the mandatory labels for your battery box.

MAndatory labes?

For the battery you must write ā€œNon-Spilling Batteryā€ in 1-inch or greater font on at least four sides of the wooden holder. Also, you must do the same thing to at least two sides of the cardboard box that the batteries came in. I just did ours a little bit ago. Warning: it is hard to fit text that tall in such a thin length if your box is anything like ours.

ā€¦follow the directions in part 4.2 of the manual. The required wording is ā€œNON-SPILLABLE BATTERYā€. The manual points to battery labels on the web. The provided labels go on all four facing sides of the crate, and on both exposed sides of the in-crate battery box.

But donā€™t do anything just because you read it in a Chief Delphi forum post. Read the manual and do things because you read it there.