Shipped to teams

…Anyone get their stuff yet?

  • Katie

If you’re talking about the 6 guage wire and connectors for the battery connection, the retroreflexive tape, etc. then yes we’ve got ours. We received it last week sometime.

We got them yesterday, being this far from FIRST…

I think ours came, with light, monday.

:mad: We’re in Wisconisn and we haven’t gotten ours yet. I’m going to curl up in a corner and cry now!

Why won’t FIRST send us our stuff!? :rolleyes: Lol


They sent it all to the rookie teams first and the international teams. We’ll get ours eventually. Hey Manoel, do you remember our team in 2000 at VCU??? How could we forget you guys?

FIRST simply does not have enough material to go around so they are shipping to rookie teams. Those who competed last year are to use last years parts for now (same stuff).


401Mentor, I surely remember your cool robot… I just don’t remember one thing: Were you in the alliance we played against in the semi finals?