Shipping an overweight crate with FedEx

Hello All -

This is the first time we’re going to the championship in a long time. At it is, we’ll need to ship our batteries in the crate with the robot. If this puts us over the 400 lb. limit, I know we have to pay the extra costs for drayage.

My question is what charges might we incur from FedEx if we use our free shipping?

Thanks for your help!

-Mr. Van
Coach, Robodox

None. FIRST will just be “very upset” (whatever that means) with you, per Bill’s Blog earlier this year.

Thanks Cory!

We’ll try to keep FIRST happy…

-Mr. Van
Coach, Robodox

My understanding is FedEx Ground charges by “dimensional weight” as do almost all ground freight companies. The shipping cost is determined by the size of your crate unless it exceeds the “dimensional weight”. For a full-sized FIRST crate (48" x 48" x 70"), the dimensional weight is over 950 lb. FedEx Ground uses the formula: ( to determine dimensional weight.

However, the drayage company (Shepard Exposition Services) will charge $55 for 1-50 pounds over 400, $100 for 451-500 pounds, and $100 for every 1 -100 pounds over 500. A 501-pound crate will cost $200 additional drayage charges.