Shipping Bumpers?

The bumpers aren’t included in any weight allowance, and are largely separate from the robot to begin with. We were wondering if we are required to ship the bumpers, and if not, if holding onto them would count against our withholding allowance.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

The way the withholding allowance works is, to quote Bill’s Blog from February 11: “By now you’ve probably heard about the Withholding Allowance , and know that the limit has been increased this year to 40 pounds , but have you given serious consideration to which 40 pounds you plan to withhold? I want you to know the weight limit was carefully chosen so you can withhold the control system, your operator console and a few subsystems and continue to program your robot while you’re waiting for your first event. Take advantage of this opportunity.”

Also consider

The only thing that isn’t weighed with the Withholding Allowance is the operator console (<R36>). Therefore, if you have 18 lbs of bumpers, you can have 22lbs of other stuff that you made.

By the way, don’t consider the bumpers as separate from the robot/exempt from “any weight allowance”. <R11> is very specific that the exceptions are ONLY for determining robot size and weight; the bumpers have their own weight limit.

For the official answer to this question, you can refer to this official Q&A forum response (this is the only answer that counts).



Which, if I’d had it available when I made the post, would have been the one referenced. I didn’t have it.