Shipping confusion need help ASAP

Team 854 the iron bears needs help quick.

It seems we may have messed up big time. We are attending the Waterloo Regional and then the Greater Toronto regional following week.

We are confused as to how everything is working. Do we need to fill out a payment authorization form? We cant seem to find a FEDeX bill of lading in our totes. We dont even know what forms were supposed to staple to the crate or when or anything. The manuals are confusing us even firther, and the page shepard provides confuses us to an even further extent.

can someone outline exactly what we’re supposed to do to get this robot to both regionals?

You are late.
Please call FIRST Operations at 1-800-871-8326 ext 0 to prioritize the issues and talk about the options for getting the crate out of your hands today and to drayage so you can compete.

Note: we are driving to the drayage warehouse for inital event (Waterloo)


we arent shipping to the drayage facility, we are driving it there.

Also, if it was yesterday, then basically any team in ontario is screwed because yesterday was a holiday…

so if we’re driving it to the drayage warehouse we should be fine correct? we just need to put labels (which) on the sides of the crate and thats it?

Even if you are driving to drayage, there are forms that need to be filled out, credit card numbers guaranteed.
There was a nice grid put together in a shipping thread by someone in TX with the shipping links, posted in the last few days.

Good luck!

If you’re driving the robot to the drayage site for Waterloo, then you shouldn’t have to worry about FedEx for right now. Make sure you fill out the forms that RoboMom mentioned above.

Also, since you are going to events in back-to-back weeks, you will not be able to use FedEx to ship from Waterloo to Toronto. From Section 4 of the manual:

Consider the following if: You have back-to-back events: You cannot use The FedEx donation because it is a
“ground” shipment. Crates are due at the drayage facility on Monday so there will not be
enough time to make it from one event to the next drayage terminal/warehouse.

You will need to talk to the Shepard booth at Waterloo and have them ship your crate to Toronto. Having been to the Waterloo event twice before, they always go around and ask the teams if they’re going to Toronto. They typically have a truck lined up specifically to take crates to that event, since so many teams at Waterloo also go to Toronto.

alright, thanks to you both for the help. We appreciate it very much.