Shipping Crate

Our team has built a brand new crate but it is about an inch and a half too tall and a quarter inch too wide. Does anyone know if it matters to first whether the dimensions are exact?


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think it’s safe to say that the shipping and drayage companies have approved the maximum dimensions in discussion with FIRST. Shipping companies have the right to refuse any shipment based on it not meeting their standards (size, weight, safety). Since you know about the problem now, do you really want to be the one to tell the team that they can’t go to Championships because the crate is too large? I’d suggest you break out the power tools one more time. I’d also recommend weighing it to make sure that 150+ pounds of robot and bumpers don’t put you over the 400lb maximum and incur extra charges (we learned that one the hard way).

I doubt if they would refuse it but it would give them a great opportunity to charge you extra. Those charges can be big.

You have 4-5 months before you need to use it so you have the time to fix it.

I doubt they would refuse it but you never know how strict the guy who is picking it up will be.

The size limitation seems to be related to the Fedex voucher. My bill of lading from 2011 had the size limit pre printed on it. Anything oversize or overweight can be billed at a higher rate. The absolute height limit for fedex express freight is 70" Ground freight can be taller.

The 1/4’ you might get away with. 1" height is pushing it. Better to rebuild it undersized. While I do not see it changing, the 2013 crate dimensions could be different. After all is is a water game. :confused:

I’ve never seen them measure it, but that doesn’t mean they don’t do it at a warehouse and then bill you more. You have a few months to rebuild it a bit smaller so you don’t risk the oversize charges.