Shipping Deadline Question

It’s my first time being in charge of shipping the robot. I just want to clarify when they say “out of the team’s possession by Feb 17th”, they mean the 17th at 5pm right, not something ridiculous like midnight on the 16th?

I just want to make sure I do this right for my team.


Yes you are correct. also

  • You can call FedEx any time this week to schedule the pick up and I normally do it soon

  • Make sure you make it clear if you need a lift gate. Because not all trucks have them. We had one year I had to get the weight lifting team outside to pick the crate and put it on the FedEx truck because we do not have a loading dock

Email Blasts: 1) Shipping from 2/3/09 and 2) Senior Mentor call on Wed. Feb. 11 at 7pm about Shipping: &